Facilities Requests

Submitting Requests for Service

All service requests can be submitted through the i-Service Desk. Please call 408-924-1990 for all emergency requests.

Contact the i-Service Desk

Submitting Building/Facilities Requests for Scheduled Events

SJSU Facilities may be reserved for sponsored events with the appropriate approval.

In order to ensure that needed services (building entry, restrooms, temperature control, grounds/custodial care, etc.) and needed permits are in place, please place your requests as early as possible.

Please see the list below to locate the correct form and instructions for your scheduled event. Submitting an incomplete or incorrect request will cause delays. Remember to submit early, as all forms require advanced notice.

  • Special Event
    Request to reserve SJSU facilities for an outdoor event. Seating and other diagrams required.
  • Internal Lease
    Request to reserve SJSU facilities for SJSU sponsored events.
  • External Lease [pdf]
    Request to reserve SJSU facilities if you or your event sponsor are not affiliated with SJSU.

Please note: YUH Terrace requests now use the Special/Outdoor Event Request process, as above.