Non Project Move Requests

Following the guidelines and process below will allow the FDO moving specialist to efficiently plan and coordinate all non-project related moves using both internal and contracted moving resources, and ensure that all chargeable moves are correctly billed to the requesters.

  • All move requests are to be initiated via an i-Service Desk request. Emails, voice mails or faxes are accepted as an FYI only.
  • When planning moves, contact Information Technology to coordinate the relocation of phones and data lines. If you need further assistance please contact your department technical staff.
  • Upon receipt of request, the Moving Services Specialist will determine if the work can be completed by in-house university movers or through contracted movers utilizing the master FDO agreement.
  • The Moving specialist will work with the client on requirements of the move and scheduling work based on timelines and resources. FDO is responsible for authorizing, coordinating, and scheduling with contract movers. All moves utilizing contract movers are chargeable to the requesting organization.
  • Prior to any chargeable moves taking place:
    • Estimates for moves must be approved by the requestor and a work order issued by FDO; or
    • The requestor can request Time and Materials (TM). This can be done by stating "Time and Materials" or "Bill Actual" and include a the chart field Id in the "request" section of the i-Service Desk request. By requesting TM the customer agrees to the actual cost (labor and materials) it takes the movers to complete the move. An FDO work order will then be issued and costs will be billed accordingly.
  • i-Service requests for non-chargeable moves must be submitted at least three days prior to required move (a week is preferred). i-Service requests for chargeable moves must be submitted 1-2 weeks prior to the required move, which will allow time for the move to be estimated by the Moving Specialist, and for the estimate to be approved by the requestor. A work request will not be issued unless the approved estimate has been received by FDO. No moves can be scheduled without a work order in place.