Doing Business with Planning, Design and Construction

All projects approved by FDO must follow the campus Master Plan. The Master Plan elaborates on the planned campus development for a 5-year period based on projected enrollment

Once FDO has approved a project, a project manager (PM) is assigned to the project. This project manager is the liaison between the department owner and the construction team. The PM meets with the department owner before securing funding, during the design phase and periodically throughout the project.


Building permits are issued by a regulatory agency certifying that the design is to current building codes; seismically sound, ADA compliant, well lit, and free of any hazardous materials. Projects are accessed as to whether or not a building permit is required.

Projects that require building permits can be found on our Permits page.

Public Works Projects

Because the University is a Public State agency, all projects are considered Public Works Projects. Public Works Projects are defined as "The erection, construction, alteration, painting, repair, or improvement of any state structure, building, road, or other state improvement of any kind."

More information can be found on our Public Works Contracts page.


FDO hires contractors for work outside the scope of the maintenance team. These contractors perform a variety of services including construction, landscaping, estimating, project management and consultation.

More information can be found on our Contractors page.

Facilities Requests

Facilities Requests are assigned to one of the departments of FDO utilizing the i-Service Desk work order system:

Department Heads

Department heads identify facilities needs within their departments. These needs may include renovation, addition, and building improvements. All new projects submitted require inclusion of funding. To submit the proper request form see the following list of frequently used documents.

Frequently Used Documents for Department Heads