Hazardous Materials Storage

Storage Requirements 

  • DO NOT store hazardous chemicals or liquids above eye-level (about 6 ft.).
  • DO NOT store hazardous chemicals on the floor, in sinks, benchtops, or in chemical fume hoods.
  • DO NOT store hazardous materials in offices, classrooms, or break areas.
  • ALWAYS use secondary containment. Secondary container volume needs to be 110% of the primary container(s).
  • Use a chemical segregation strategy to ensure that incompatible chemicals are not stored together.
  • Hazardous material storage cabinets, fridges, & freezers must be approved though Fixtures, Furniture, & Equipment Permit before purchase/donation & installation.
  • When ordering a chemical for the first time, submit a Chemical Procurement Request Form to confirm your storage is sufficient.

For more information about storage requirements for specific hazard classes, refer to Chemical Hygiene Plan