Chemical Procurement and Inventory

Chemical Procurement

If you're a Principle Investigator ordering Chemicals for the First Time you will need to complete a New Chemical Procurement Form.  This form should be submitted for the purchase of research‐grade lab chemicals. Purchase of routine teaching lab chemicals and consumer available chemicals (like paints, cleaning products, automotive fluids, etc.) does not require submittal of this form.

Completing the form initiates a review to ensure that all safety equipment, facility infrastructure and regulatory requirements are in place prior to the chemical arriving on campus. It is not intended to prohibit the ordering of any chemical, but rather to ensure that the University and its employees are able to comply with all pertinent rules regarding chemical use and acquisition.

Chemical Inventory

Chemical inventories are managed via the RSS Chemicals App.  It's important to track and maintain chemical inventories to ensure that labs don't order more chemicals than are needed and to make sure that the University stays below Maximum Allowable Quanities (MAQs).   

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