FMC Services has been designated the one point of control for all SJSU state owned or leased vehicles by the Campus President.

Automotive Shop Services

The following is a list of some of the services provided by the Automotive Shop:

  • University vehicle repairs and maintenance
  • Responding to automotive related emergency calls
  • Maintenance of university construction related equipment
  • Ensuring federal and state requirements related to university vehicles are met
  • Addressing requests to add/remove vehicles to/from university use
  • Evaluating and removing unsafe university vehicles from service

Note: University vehicles are those automobiles, vans, trucks, trailers, buses, electric carts and industrial vehicles owned by campus departments for their business needs.

Driver responsibilities include:

  • Mileage logs are to be completed by driver
  • Annual designation of a staff person, responsible for the vehicle
  • Making vehicle accessible for maintenance needs
  • Prompt reporting of vehicle maintenance needs to Auto Shop
  • Completing Rules and Regulations Compliance Agreement


Important: Documents in PDF format require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader  for viewing


  1. Annual Campus Letter Vehicle Inspection Program, Defensive Driving, and Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicles on State Business [pdf]
  2. Motor Vehicle Inspection program Forms and Responsibility
  3. Defensive Driving Forms and Employee/Supervisor Responsibility
  4. Campus Maps