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Phone: 408.924.1950
Email: workcontrol@sjsu.edu
Request for Service: i-Service
Urgent Service Request: 408.924.1990

One Washington Square
San Jose, CA 95192-0010
Located in the Corporation Yard (CY 0010)

Traci Ferdolage

Senior Associate Vice President
Facilities, Development and Operations
Phone: 924-1940
Email: traci.ferdolage@sjsu.edu

Cynthia Soto

Executive Assistant and Operations Specialist
Phone: 924-1927
Email: cynthia.soto@sjsu.edu

Danielle Ortuno

Administrative Services
Phone: 924-1984
Email: danielle.ortuno@sjsu.edu

Ashraf Fouad

Senior Director
Planning, Design and Construction
Phone: 924-1959
Email: ashraf.fouad@sjsu.edu

Chia Tsai

Associate Director of Planning
Planning, Design and Construction
Phone: 924-8139
Email: chia.tsai@sjsu.edu

Matt Nymeyer

Environmental Health and Safety
Phone: 924-1969
Email: matt.nymeyer@sjsu.edu

Jim Kari

Senior Director
Maintenance and Operations
Phone: 924-1921
Email: jim.kari@sjsu.edu

Timothy Gridley

Maintenance and Infrastructure Projects, Maintenance and Operations
Phone: 924-6168
Email: timothy.gridley@sjsu.edu

Chris Shay

Senior Director
Real Estate and Special Projects
Phone: 601-7984
Email: chris.shay@sjsu.edu

Aaron Klemm

Senior Director
Energy and Utilities
Email: aaron.klemm@sjsu.edu

Solomon Harrington

Associate Director
Custodial and MLK Library Facilities
Phone: 808-2399
Email: solomon.harrington@sjsu.edu


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