Asbestos Information

Asbestos may be contained in buildings, facilities and components on campus that were constructed decades ago. As long as the materials are in good condition there is no concern about exposure to the asbestos fibers within them. Asbestos is potentially hazardous only when it is friable—meaning, when it can be easily crumbled. Friable asbestos materials can become airborne and are therefore an inhalation hazard. With that in mind, DO NOT demolish, pulverize, abrade, drill, scrape or otherwise disturb potentially asbestos containing materials.

SJSU has developed a comprehensive Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Plan to ensure that any asbestos containing building materials are properly maintained and won’t become airborne.     

If you notice building materials that have been damaged or are in crumbling condition please report it to EHS at (408) 924-1969 or email the EHS Director. EHS will do a hazard assessment and arrange for remediation, if necessary. 

Asbestos General Guidance [pdf]