Service Priorities and Responses

Maintaining the infrastructure, buildings, and grounds of the San Jose State University is an enormous task. In addition to our existing projects and planned maintenance we receive roughly 13,000+ work requests every year. In order to give appropriate attention to all requests, our work control center personnel, technical workers, and managers assign each work order one of five priority levels based the stated need for the work, the potential mission impact, the overall resources involved in completing the work, and the relative urgency of the request when compared to other outstanding requests.


The priorities below can serve as a guide on the appropriate response depending on the type of request.


Imminent threat to life, property, security or environment. Emergencies will be responded to immediately and at a minimum mitigated until a permanent repair can be made. Examples are an electrical power failure, an overflowing toilet, elevator systems, chemical odors, flooding and overflows, or broken windows that pose imminent risk. These requests take precedence over all other requests.


Urgent situation posing a threat of personal injury, equipment damage or serious disruption to University operations. Urgent requests will be responded to as soon as possible. If circumstances prevent an immediate response then it will be addressed within 48 hours. Examples are malfunctioning heating and cooling (too hot/cold), plumbing (continuously running toilets/faucets), graffiti, flickering office lights and problems affecting the security of facilities.


Normal maintenance or service item that does not pose an immediate risk to facilities, systems, equipment or components. Examples are repairing or replacing door hardware; patching and repainting; checking, inspecting, servicing, and adjusting various system components; pruning, trimming, mowing, and fertilizing grounds areas; and repairing or replacing obsolete, worn, or broken, missing or damaged ceiling tiles, systems or components that don't immediately threaten the accomplishment of the University mission.


Normal maintenance or service that does not pose an immediate risk to facilities, systems, equipment, or components but must be scheduled for completion within 90 days of the request. Examples are projects, improvements or enhancements to existing infrastructure /equipment /assets, purchasing of parts are required.

Please Note:

  • Emergency maintenance service requested during normal campus business hours (7:30 am to 5:00 pm) should be reported to the FDO Emergency phone number at 408-924-1990.
  • After hours emergencies will be reported to the University Police Department at 408-924-2222.
  • All other Non-Emergency requests should be submitted through the i-Service Desk website.