Freedom of Expression and Time, Place and Manner Policy

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About the Policy

It is the policy of San José State University (SJSU or University) to ensure that all members of our campus community are able to fully exercise their constitutional rights to free expression and peaceful assembly. As an institution of higher education, SJSU serves as a physical and virtual forum for the free exchange of ideas through discussion and debate that manifests itself in a variety of forms, including speeches, written materials, rallies, signs, online posts, and artistic representation, among many others.

This Presidential directive provides guidance to our campus community and guests regarding the ways in which they can express their rights through the use of campus facilities — physical and virtual — and other resources, while providing campus community members with guidelines for limiting speech that incites threats to public safety or severely inhibits the educational goals of SJSU.

This directive applies to students, faculty, staff, administrators, student organizations, campus affiliated organizations, and other off-campus guests such as groups or persons while utilizing virtual spaces controlled by SJSU and on campus grounds, including commercial vendors or solicitors as well as contractors, consultants, and service providers.

This directive should not be viewed in isolation, but should be considered together with other federal and state laws, regulations, and CSU policies, which will be noted where applicable in this directive, and can be provided upon request.

Except where noted and/or where other policies are incorporated by reference, this directive is intended to be the controlling document with regard to the University’s Time, Place, and Manner limitations on freedom of speech and artistic expression activities, including but not limited to, assemblies, events, marches, demonstrations, display or distribution of published materials, non-commercial transactions and solicitation, handbills and circulars, amplified sound, digital display, and commercial filming and photography.

Guidelines associated with the reservation, permitting, and use of all facilities and outdoor spaces on lands owned by the campus are managed by campus entities designated by Student Involvement, Event Services, and Facilities Development and Operations.

The President delegates responsibility for implementation of this policy to a university designated official. All questions may be directed to the Office of the President.

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Full Text of Policy

The Freedom of Expression and Time, Place and Manner Policy is a Presidential directive beginning on January 1, 2024 and will be reviewed and updated periodically by the President’s designees.

Download the full policy [pdf]

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