Aerial view of San Jose State University.

Campus Priorities and Initiatives

The priorities for San José State University are nearly as diverse as our own student population. They incorporate a variety of areas, including global education, diversity and inclusiveness, students’ basic needs, health and wellness, sustainability and the environment, and other important topics. While we touch on just a few key themes here, new sections will be rotated in frequently.

SJSU community member holding a mic and talking.

Freedom of Expression Directive

San José State University believes that freedom of expression is a cornerstone of a diverse democracy and essential to the educational process. SJSU’s Time, Place, and Manner Regulations for Free Expression aims to ensure that all members of our campus community are able to fully exercise their constitutional rights to free expression and peaceful assembly.

California State Capitol building.

Community and Government Relations

The Community and Government Relations (CGR) Team serves San José State University by creating and strengthening strategic relationships and partnerships with local, state, and federal elected officials and agencies.

Student studying with police vehicles in background.

Task Force on Community Safety and Policing

SJSU’s Task Force on Community Safety and Policing was created as part of SJSU’s commitment to examine and begin to address systemic racism.