View of downtown San Jose.

Campus Priorities and Initiatives

The priorities for San Jose State University and President Papazian are nearly as diverse as our our own student population. They incorporate a variety of areas, including global education, diversity and inclusiveness, students’ basic needs, health and wellness, sustainability and the environment, and other important topics. While we touch on just a few key themes here, new sections will be rotated in frequently, so check back soon!

SJSU students at commencement.

Student Success

President Papazian has said that our core mission at San Jose State is educating a diverse student population for professional success and engagement in our democracy. “Student success is an attitude. It is a way of life, a mindset, a standard operating principle for all of us at San Jose State,” she said in her 2019 Fall Welcome address.

Students and professor conducting research.

Research and Innovation

Growing our investment in research, scholarship and creative activities (RSCA) is one of President Papazian’s many priorities. Learn more about our approach to RSCA and how it is directly tied to student success and to supporting our faculty and staff in creating a dynamic intellectual environment so critical to higher education.

Downtown San Jose.

Community Engagement

San Jose State University is the city’s anchor institution, one that brings expertise, vibrancy, diversity, and energy to the city, its downtown core, and all of Silicon Valley. President Papazian and her leadership team know that strategic, purposeful and thoughtful community engagement with a variety of collaborators and partners benefits the university and our students.