Recognized Student Organizations

At San José State, we value and respect the rich diversity of our campus and community as well as the expression of different points of view. One way the university demonstrates its commitment to these ideals is by providing space and conditions for the free exchange of thoughts and ideas from multiple perspectives.

Throughout the academic year, there will be events on campus that will affirm that right to free speech, regardless of whether the viewpoints expressed run counter with our core values as an institution. The free exchange of viewpoints is essential to a robust academic community, and we recognize that the exercise of these fundamental rights can, at times, produce discomfort or even offense. Given that potential, we want to be transparent about why and how events and speakers can be organized on campus by Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs). 

SJSU has more than 350 Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) spanning a wide array of topics, interests and viewpoints. These RSOs are an important part of the college experience.

Per SJSU policy [pdf], Recognized Student Organizations are free to invite speakers to campus and provide access to campus venues for that purpose. The university cannot take away that right or withdraw those resources based on the views of the invited speaker. Doing so would violate the First Amendment rights of the group.

We understand that difficult conversations in our public spaces can be challenging. They can create strong feelings. This right to free expression has given many groups the opportunity to make their voices heard. Enshrined in the First Amendment of our nation’s Constitution, this right is integral to democracy and to increasing our understanding of one another. 

SJSU core values are clear, and we will continue to foster and maintain a campus community that is inclusive, diverse and respectful.

View more information on SJSU’s commitment to free speech. Resources to support students, faculty or staff are available.