Downtown San Jose.

Community and Government Relations

The Community and Government Relations (CGR) Team serves SJSU by creating and strengthening strategic relationships and partnerships with local, state, and federal elected officials and agencies. Further, we connect the university’s goals and resources to community leaders, opinion influencers, and regional non-profit organizations to advance the mission and vision of SJSU as a driver of economic growth, social mobility, and social change for Silicon Valley, and a thought leader for state and national issues.

California State Capital building.

Government Relations

CGR pursues legislative, regulatory, and budget priorities that complement SJSU’s commitment to student success, research and innovation, community engagement, and the Transformation 2030 vision.

Sammy Spartan at San Jose City Hall raising the SJSU flag..

Community Relations

CGR actively works with the local community to be a good neighbor and to build strategic partnerships that benefit the community and SJSU. These relationships can take on numerous forms, such as collaborative economic and community development projects.

A student with their closed fist in the air.

Racial Justice

CGR’s advocacy work on racial justice includes partnering with student, staff, faculty, and administrators to address systemic racism through specific campus-based initiatives and collaborations with community organizations.