SJSU's Communication Guidelines 

For the first time in SJSU’s history, the university has developed comprehensive communication standards that focus on telling the stories of Spartans.

Launched in September 2014, SJSU Power Source: A Multi-Platform Communication Guide is the result of a collaborative, grassroots effort within our campus community. Through this project, students gained practical experience, and faculty and staff members used their considerable expertise to enhance the reputation of the university. 

Thank you for collaborating with the communications team (and for your patience as we created this guide with pure Spartan tenacity)! As always, we hope you'll share your feedback, join the Marketing Updates group and bring your questions to one of our open labs.


SJSU. My Story is Here. 

Walk along SJSU's campus paseos to see light pole banners from SJSU's first-ever campaign to share the stories of Spartans. “My Story is Here” is a statement of pride in being part of the SJSU community. It is about contributing to the larger SJSU story. The goal of “My Story is Here” is to demonstrate through personal stories the many ways San Jose State powers Silicon Valley. That starts with SJSU’s people and the ways we each use what powers us to change our world. Read the stories of Spartans on the My Story is Here blog and share your story.

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