Film and Photo Permits

Photography and videography on campus is subject to the Presidential Directive on Freedom of Expression and Time, Place, and Manner. Photography and videography for commercial use requires express written approval by University Marketing and Communications. Review by Facilities and Development Operations and Risk Management may be required.

Media and public: News media outlets and the public can photograph or shoot video of university buildings and campus life while utilizing public sidewalks and areas. 

Commercial Use: Photography and videography for commercial use is only permitted if your project’s purpose directly aligns with the educational mission, vision and values of the university.

In-class recording: Filming or recording of classes — in person or online — is not permitted without express written approval from the Academic Department, informed consent given by the participants, and advance notice provided to University Marketing and Communications. 

Filming hours: Any filming to take place other than during campus operating hours must be approved in advance and written acknowledgement of that approval by University Marketing and Communications must be received before filming begins.  

Violent content/prop weaponry: Any filming scheduled to occur at any time that involves prop weaponry and/or depicts acts of violence must be approved in advance and in writing by University Marketing and Communications, and the written approval must be present at the time of filming. 

Additionally, University Police Department leadership must be informed in advance about any approved on-campus filming that depicts acts of violence or involves prop weaponry. 

Please fill out the following form to submit your photography or videography request: 

For any questions, please email Michelle Smith McDonald at