Stationery Options

SJSU’s new business stationery uses the primary mark and our new, more vibrant university colors. Based on substantial feedback about individual and campus needs, SJSU’s new suite of business stationery includes many options.

Business Cards

There are two options for business cards: horizontal and vertical. Both may include either the spirit mark or university seal on the back (for a little extra San José State style!). The best way to share all of your information, especially if you are a faculty member who works in multiple departments, is to include the URL for your faculty web page on your card.

Use the vertical card if you:

  • have a lengthy title
  • have more than one title or department
  • work for a campus unit with a long name
  • have a fax number that you use regularly
  • wish to include your social media contact information
  • wish to include a website address that is not “” or “” [use the “Social/URL (optional)" line]


Based on campus feedback, letterhead options have been expanded to meet a variety of needs. All letterheads can be customized accordingly for each campus unit.

  • Standard Letterhead (and Cost Saving Option): Most individual departments and programs will use standard letterhead. There is an optional list of California State University campuses that, when selected, appears on the left side of this letterhead. The cost saving option is printed in one color: gray.
  • College or Division Letterhead (and Cost Saving Option): Colleges and divisions that wish to list their departments or offices on letterhead, department or office names may be listed along the left side of this letterhead option. The cost saving option is printed in one color: gray.
  • Advisory Board Letterhead: If your college or program has an advisory board, you may list the board members along the left side of this letterhead option.
  • Blank Second Sheet: Blank second sheets are available with or without a university seal watermark.


Need something other than the following standard envelope options? Order the envelope size and shape you need and apply a mailing label (page X).

  • Standard #10 Envelope (and Cost Saving Option): These envelopes include the spirit mark on the flap. The cost saving option is printed in one color: gray.
  • Standard #10 Window Envelope: These envelopes include the spirit mark on the flap.
  • Standard #10 Window Envelope with Custom SJSU Security Tint: The custom tint on this security envelope was created with an SJSU Spartan Typeface pattern. The minimum order for these special-use envelopes is 5,000 to make them cost effective.
  • University Seal #10 Envelope: For limited use only, including Office of the President, Office of the Provost, SJSU Admission and Tower Foundation.
  • 9X12 Catalog Envelope

Mailing Labels

Save money by ordering plain envelopes in the size and shape of your choice—and then apply your SJSU mailing labels.

Memo Pads

Available in 50-sheet pads, custom memo pads “From the Desk of …” may be printed with either the university seal or an SJSU Spartan Typeface pattern.