Measurement and Analytics

Looking at the data from each platform you’re using can really help you better understand what content your audience is engaging with and appreciates. While data can be overwhelming, it is an opportunity to create content proactively rather than just post reactively to what is going on around us.

Key metrics

  • Engagement - Measures the shares likes and comments of a social media post
  • Reach - Measures the number of unique users who see your content
  • Impressions - Measures the number of times your content was displayed to users in your target audience

Sharing reports

Reporting on the data and progress of your social media efforts provides insight to the value of the work being done in this area. More importantly, it provides a clearer picture of how we can best serve the SJSU community through the use of social media.

Your report can be a simple one-page document with sections containing some of the following information.

  1. Growth: How big is your community? How many new followers do you have? How many views did your video have?
  2. Key Messages: Did your content tie into your area’s key messages and goals? How many times were those messages shared?
  3. Top-Rated Content: What did your followers like the most? What were the posts that generated the most discussion? Which content was most viral/shared?
  4. Key Interactions: Was there an online interaction in which the help you provided made the difference to someone? Share those key interactions with screen shots or summaries to demonstrate how your work is helping the SJSU community.
  5. New Tools: Did you try something different this month with social media? Was a new feature or tool introduced that can be used to reach your goals?
  6. Trends: Is there a pattern in community interactions? Maybe there is a spike in the number of questions about a certain topic? Does this mean you should create content focuses on the topic? Identify trends that may clue you in to how to improve your content and serve the community.
  7. The Big Picture: What does all of this work mean? Are you reaching certain goals? Help people understand why having a social media presence is valuable.