Photography Request Form

Portraits of people in different settings and lighting.

If you are not able to find specific photography from our SJSU Photo Library, please submit a photography service request form to request what you need.

Note: The turn-around time for completed imagery may take several weeks based on other work in the queue. Please plan ahead accordingly.


Photos are not to be used by any company or organization outside of SJSU without first obtaining permission from University Marketing and Communications. All rights are reserved and photo assets are the copyright of SJSU.

Approved vendors, freelancers and contractors must fill out a contact form to gain access to the photography library. Please make sure to indicate your point of contact at San José State University, provide some details to the project you are working on, and specify the images you are looking for.

NOTE: It is never appropriate — or legal — to use an image from another source in print, on the web or on social media without obtaining permission from the image’s owner. 

External Photography Requests

External media outlets, businesses and others may request permission to use photos. If you are contacted by an outside organization for photos or you wish to obtain permission to send photos to an organization outside of SJSU, please contact UMC at Once approved, photos should include proper credit ("Photographer's name/San José State University").