How to Apply

Aplication Requirements

First Step:  Applying to the University

Second Step:  Applying to the Program


Application Requirements


IMPORTANT: Please keep your own record of your submitted Application Requirements, as you will need them when you apply for your credential with CCTC after completing the program.  We do not make copies for you of the items you submit to our office.  You must make your own copies.


First Step: Applying to the University


Application to Graduate Admissions & Program Evaluations  

  • Go to and apply to  Graduate Admissions (there will be a $55.00 application fee), be sure to click the "submit" icon or your application won't go through (contact  Graduate Admissions with any questions regarding their online application).
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT apply to Graduate Admissions if you're applying for the summer Yearlong Residency Program [for more information, read under the "SUMMER 2014" heading of the Deadlines page of our website].

  • You must also submit a set of official/sealed transcripts to  Graduate Admissions from each college you've attended (with the exception of SJSU transcripts).  It is recommended that you have the transcripts mailed to your home, then bring them in to  Graduate Admissions & Program Evaluations located at Student Services Center (SSC), or mail them to:  Graduate Admissions & Program Evaluations, San Jose State University, One Washington Square, San Jose, CA  95192-0017.  Check the Graduate Admissions website regarding their required documents and documentation deadlines.

  • A grade point average of 2.75 for all college and university coursework is required for admission in the Single Subject Credential Program.  GPA for admission to the university is calculated by the last 60 semester units or by the last 90 quarter units taken.

  • If you're an international applicant, please go to Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations "International Applicants: How to Apply" web page for further instructions. If you have any questions regarding these instructions, please contact Graduate Admissions at 408-924-2480 or visit them at Student Services Center (SSC).

  • NOTE: When applying to Graduate Admissions, you're applying to the UNIVERSITY. Please be aware that you will also need to apply to the department of Secondary Education (see steps below for the department application process).


Second Step: Applying to Secondary Education

Secondary Education Applicant Information Form

  • Complete and submit the Applicant Information Form [pdf] to our department after you've applied to Graduate Studies (see above).  This form must be completed with your name, SJSU ID (ID not required for Summer Yearlong Residency Program Applicants), contact information, semester you're applying to, subject area, and signature.  We recommend that you submit this as soon as you apply to Graduate Studies and have been issued your SJSU ID (ID not required for Summer Yearlong Residency Program Applicants), so we have your contact information on our department database and you don't miss out on email updates regarding upcoming orientations, possible exceptions on an Application Requirement, and/or new or extended deadlines.

Next Steps

Subject Matter Competency and SMC Report

  • Make an appointment with a Subject Area Adviser and have your transcripts evaluated to determine if you meet subject matter competency requirements.

  • If you do not have Subject Matter Competency, you have the option of either taking the additional required coursework or earning passing scores on the required CSET exam in your subject area [Please Note: We do not automatically receive your official CSET scores when you check off the box to have them sent to SJSU.  You must submit a copy of your official passed CSET scores directly to our office at SH 301 (keep the originals for yourself, as you will need them after completing the program).].  Subject-matter competency is a pre-requisite for all student teaching in the Single Subject Credential Program.  A major in a subject area may not meet subject matter preparation requirements.

  • The original  Subject Matter Competency Report form signed by a Subject Area Adviser is required for admission to the credential program, even if you know you already meet the subject matter competency requirement with CSET or via coursework.  The Subject Area Adviser will forward the original SMC Report to the department of Secondary Education.

  • In addition to the subject matter competency review, the adviser will administer a required writing test (see next pre-requisite).

Writing Test

  • Must pass a writing test which will be administered by the Subject Area Adviser.  Our recommendation is that you take the test when meeting with the Subject Area Adviser regarding your Subject Matter Competency (see pre-requisite above).  You will be given a prompt and will have 30 minutes to write on the prompt.  The Subject Area Adviser will forward your written test to Secondary Education for review, and you will be notified by us via email as to the status.

The Following Items Must Be Submitted in One Batch

We no longer accept these items individually, with the exception of Letters of Recommendation that are sent directly from the originator.


  • The CBEST is a general knowledge test required of all teachers in California and consists of three parts: math, reading comprehension, and writing.

  • You must submit a copy of official passed scores on all three parts before being considered for the Credential Program. Please Note: We do not automatically receive your official CBEST scores when you check off the box to have them sent to SJSU.  You must submit a copy of your official passed CBEST scores directly to our office at SH 301 (keep the originals for yourself, as you will need them after completing the program).


  • Submit a degree-posted transcript (...even if the transcript is from SJSU). We will accept an unofficial transcript, even a print-out from the university website would be sufficient.  If your degree won't be posted in time for the submission deadline, submit a print-out of your current transcript with a hand-written note stating that you will submit another print-out of your transcript once your degree has been posted.
    NOTE: The transcripts you submit to Graduate Admissions need to be official/sealed (see requirement at top of this page).

  • Individuals who completed college or university coursework at an institution outside the United States must obtain a complete evaluation for foreign transcripts, degrees, and other relevant documents.  This evaluation will determine if the coursework is equivalent to a Bachelors degree.  The following is a list of CCTC [California Commission of Teacher Credentialing] approved evaluation agencies [pdf] (The approved evaluation agency only needs to be used for submission of your transcripts to the department of Secondary Education, not to Graduate Studies (Graduate Studies uses their own evaluator). If you received an undergraduate or masters degree in the United States, that's the only transcript (official/sealed) you need to submit to Secondary Education, and evaluation of any other foreign degree is not necessary.

Three Letters of Recommendation

  • Letters must be current (less than 2 years old).

  • Letters must have the originator's contact information and signature.

  • Letters must be from people who have known you in an educational or professional relationship (not from personal friends or family -these will not be accepted).

  • Letters must speak to your ability to work with people, your work ethic, your intellectual capabilities, or other characteristics pertinent to teaching.

  • Letters must be submitted to Secondary Education at SH 301 (Sweeney Hall, room 301) or mailed to us at: Secondary Education, San Jose State University, One Washington Square, SH 301, San Jose, CA 95192-0077 [the letters may be addressed to Dr. Resa Kelly, Chair of Secondary Education]. We do not require the letters to be in sealed envelopes.

U.S. Constitution Requirement

This requirement may be met by taking a course or passing an exam (read all paragraphs below for more information).

Pre-Professional Experience

  • Complete a minimum of 45 observation hours of "Pre-Professional Experience" in a public middle or high school in California and submit a signed Pre Professional Experience form [pdf] to verify your experience (private school class observation not acceptable).  "Pre-Professional Experience" is simply observing a classroom setting.  You may contact any California public Jr. High or High School and let them know that you're applying to the SJSU Single Subject Credential Program and need to complete your 45 observation hours of "Pre-Professional Experience."  The classes observed must be in a regular academic year classroom setting in a class of the subject area you want your credential in, but we would be willing to accept 20 of the 45 observation hours from a summer school class at a California public Jr. High or High School (preferably in the subject area you're wanting a credential in).

Certificate of Clearance

California state law requires that you obtain a Certificate of Clearance before you begin student teaching.

    To obtain a Certificate of Clearance:

  1. Print the designated CCTC livescan form [pdf] and take it to the  SJSU Police Department for the livescan service.

  2. To complete this process you must then go online and complete the CCTC online application.  Click on EDUCATOR PAGE and follow the instructions here (be sure to click on "Certificate of Clearance" in the drop-down menu, not "Single Subject Credential" when completing the CCTC online application).
    NOTE: "Emergency 30-Day Substitute Teaching Permit" is not acceptable.

  3. Check back at the CCTC website in a week or so and click on EDUCATOR PAGE, then sign in using your Social Security Number and Date of Birth; click Next on the bottom right; click on the Document Number of the Certificate of Clearance.  

  4. Print the screen from the CCTC website which includes your certificate issue date and expiration date and will say "valid," and submit that to Secondary Education.
    NOTE: The email that you receive from CCTC will not be accepted by Secondary Ed to meet this requirement.

  5. If the Certificate of Clearance isn't issued in a week, keep checking the CCTC website until your record indicates that it's been issued to you.  If it takes more than 3 weeks, contact CCTC immediately to see if there was an error in your application.

    NOTE: Do not wait until the last minute to request this item, as it can take weeks for CCTC to issue.

    CCTC Frequently Asked Questions


  • 1 page stating your work and educational experience (does not need to be related to teaching experience).




Notification of Application Status and Advising Meeting

  • After you have completed and submitted all Application Requirements to the department of Secondary Education, and once your file is reviewed after the Application Requirements deadline date, you will be sent an email regarding your application status and Advising Meeting.


Requirements Which Need to Be Met by End of First Semester in Program:

Technology Requirement (2 Options)

  1. Technology Test issued by the College of Education at SJSU:
    For information and dates of this exam, go to the Lurie College Technology Test (Level 1) page of the CONNIE L. LURIE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION web site (links to prep resources can be found at the bottom of the Tech Test web page). If you have any questions regarding the Tech Test after you have read through the Tech Test web page, please send an email to

    • Once you have taken the exam, it is your responsibility to submit proof of passing the exam to SH 301 (they do not deliver it for you).

  2. You may also meet this requirement by taking the CSET: Preliminary Educational Technology (test codes 133 and 134) option.  Please Note: We do not automatically receive your official CSET scores when you check off the box to have them sent to SJSU.  You must submit a copy of your official passed CSET scores directly to our office at SH 301 (keep the originals for yourself, as you will need them after completing the program).

  3. EDSE 241 or EDTE 214
  4. UCSC Course 
    • Course Number: 23388 
    • Course Name: Technology in Schools, Introduction (SB 2042 Standard 11)