Student Alumni Connection

Whether you're just beginning your college experience, or you're nearing the finish of your academic journey, the Student Alumni Connection (SAC) will help prepare you for what's next! Our student organization creates meaningful opportunities for you to develop valuable skills, build your network, and shape your career long before graduation by connecting you with alumni who have gone before you.

SAC is your direct connection to over 350,000 alumni worldwide in a variety of industries through networking and career events, social activities, and leadership opportunities. 

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Earn attendance points. For each SAC event you attend, you will earn one (1) point. Once you've earned five (5) points you will be become a member.

Once a member, you'll get a SAC T-Shirt and invitations to attend member-only activities with alumni and peers. Plus, all members are eligible to apply for board positions. It's easy to join and well worth investing in your success! 

2023-24 Executive Board

President: Sohini Karmakar

Vice President of Internal Relations: Nikharv Domadiya

Vice President of Marketing & Recruitment: Akshat Patel

Vice President of Retention: Sachin Murthy

Vice President of External Relations & Events: Leo Zhao

Treasurer: Zeel Patel

Student Philanthropy Council Chair: Jonathan Passage

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