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Assisting Spartans in distress

The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) works to proactively identify, assess, and offer a coordinated institutional response to SJSU community members whose behavior poses a risk to themselves, others and/or the campus community. 

University Police Department

Get Immediate Help

For any dangerous or threatening behavior, call UPD 408-924-2222 or 911.

Call BIT

Not an Emergency?

If you feel uneasy or concerned, call BIT at 408-924-6339 or fill out a Referral Form.

After Hours

After-Hours Crisis Line

Call the Counseling and Psychological Services Crisis line at 408-924-5910 and press 4.

How to Report

How to Refer

Fill out a BIT Referral Form to report any concerning behaviors.

How to Help

How to Help

Learn some helpful strategies to support others in a time of crisis.

Find More Resources

Find More Resources

See our list of campus and community resources for additional services.

Red Folder

Red Folder

This resource guide for CSU faculty and staff includes valuable information for helping any Spartans in distress

Our BIT team members are here to help.

Our Team

BIT team members are here to help if you see or experience any behavior that concerns you

When should I seek assistance?

Contact BIT or the Police immediately for any behavior involving violence, weapons, thoughts of suicide or self-harm, hate crimes, sexual assault, family problems, alcohol or drug abuse, or any other extreme distress. If you wonder, “Should I…?” then yes, you should!

How to Refer

How a Case Manager can help

If you find you’re hitting some “bumps” in your journey at SJSU—such as problems related to food, housing, school, medical or mental health issues—a Case Manager can provide direct support and help you find the resources you need to get back on track.

Find a Case Manager