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The CHHS Connections tool was developed by the CHHS RSCA Advisory Committee to facilitate faculty collaboration.

To see a listing of faculty with a particular scholarly interest area, select the area and click the "Apply" button. If you select more than one area, only those with an interest in both areas will be displayed.

To find faculty members willing to provide mentoring or consulting, select the type of expertise you are interested in, and a listing of faculty members with expertise in that area will be displayed. Be sure to discuss collaboration options when you contact the experts. For instance, a faculty member may be willing to offer mentoring/pro-bono advice, or be willing to collaborate as co-author rather than being paid, or may prefer to be paid as a consultant.

CHHS Connections Tool

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  • Check the boxes corresponding to the areas of expertise you require. When you check a box, a submenu appears, in which you can choose more detailed requirements. When you execute a search, you will be shown only those results meeting all your selected requirements. Bear in mind that the more boxes you check, the fewer results you get.
  • Click APPLY to execute a search based on the criteria you have selected. APPLY buttons appear only once at least one box is checked. Many APPLY buttons have been provided, in the hope that one will always be reachable without scrolling. All of the APPLY buttons are exactly equivalent in function.
  • Click CLEAR to uncheck all boxes. CLEAR buttons appear only once at least one box is checked.
  • Click CANCEL to return to the search results you were last viewing, without initiating a new search. CANCEL buttons appear only after at least one search has been executed.
  • Clicking the HELP button once displays this help message. Clicking the button again hides it.

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CHHS faculty conduct research in various areas. If you are looking for research collaborators from other fields, here are some resources that might be of help to you:

If your potential collaborator might be other CHHS faculty but you are not sure about how to identify them, please email Laurie Drabble at laurie.drabble@sjsu.edu with the following information: the description of your research project, the potential collaborator’s areas of expertise, and other qualities you are looking for in the potential collaborator.