Support Services

CARHS provides a variety of supports to help CHHS faculty pursue their research work. Whether you need the services of a statistician or a grant writer, help troubleshooting in SPSS or NVivo, or a refresher on an analytic technique, you can find it here.

Consulting Support

Consultants provide statistical guidance to assist CHHS faculty members in completing scholarly articles or research projects. A limited number of hours of statistical consultation are available. Consultants have expertise in a variety of areas, including survey design and implementation, model building, multivariate analysis, interpretation of results, preparation of tables and visual depictions of results, and are familiar with a variety of software packages for quantitative data analysis.

CHHS faculty members interested in working with consultants can request a referral by emailing Marcelle Dougan at

Editing Services

The purpose of the editing services is to enable faculty members to improve a nearly completed piece of writing to increase its chances of publication, or to get feedback on an evolving project. Turn-around is fast! Just a day or two. Faculty members who have used the services have found them very helpful. Email Marcelle Dougan ( for a referral to the editing services.

* Note:
CHHS has a pool of funds to pay for editing and statistical consulting services. For statistics consulting, faculty can request up to 5 hours each semester, and for editing services, faculty can request up to 25 pages double spaced each semester (please be aware that editor charges by the word so faculty should submit only pages needing editing). This is first come first serve until funds are exhausted. All faculty eligible, including both t/tt faculty and lecturers.

Writing Support

It can be difficult to find the space and time necessary for concentrated writing given the hectic pace and pressing demands of the academic year. CARHS can help organize writing groups both in-person and online to provide support, feedback and accountability for members in the process of writing and publishing scholarly work, such as journal articles, books, grants, or conference papers or presentations.

For more information, contact Laurie Drabble at

Identifying Collaborators

The CHHS Connections tool was developed by the CHHS RSCA Advisory Committee to help faculty identify potential collaborators with a specific area of expertise.