Faculty Affiliates and Staff


Headshot of Doctor Sadhna Diwan

Dr. Sadhna Diwan

Professor, School of Social Work, Director, CHAMP

Headshot of Doctor Megan Chang

Dr. Megan Chang

Associate Professor, Department of Occupational Therapy, Associate Director, CHAMP

Faculty Affiliates

College of Health and Human Sciences

Department of Audiology

Headshot of Dr. Adam Svec

Dr. Adam Svec

Assistant Professor

Headshot of Dr. Anusha Yellamsetty

Dr. Anusha Yellamsetty

Assistant Professor

Dr. Shaum P. Bhagat

Department Chair and Professor

Department of Kinesiology

Headshot of Dr. Tamar Semerjian

Dr. Tamar Semerjian


Headshot of Dr. Jennifer Schachner

Dr. Jennifer Schachner

Program and Operations Director Timpany Center

Department of Nutrition, Food Science, and Packaging

Headshot of Professor Caroline Haas

Caroline H Haas


Dr. Jamie Kubota


Department of Occupational Therapy

Dr. Deborah Bolding

Associate Professor

Dr. Chiao-Ju Fang

Assistant Professor

Dr. Katrina Long

Assistant Professor

Dr. Gigi Smith


Department of Public Health and Recreation

Headshot of Dr. Vicky Gomez

Dr. Vicky Gomez

Assistant Professor

Billie Jo Grosvenor


Headshot of Dr. Charles Park

Dr. Charles Park

Assistant Professor

Headshot of Dr. Suzy Ross

Dr. Susan Ross

Assistant Professor

The Valley Foundation School of Nursing

Headshot of Doctor Daryl Canham

Dr. Daryl Canham


Headshot of Dr. Nancy Dudley

Dr. Nancy Dudley

Associate Professor

Dr. Robin Whitney

Assistant Professor

Dr. April Wood

Assistant Professor

Phone: april.wood@sjsu.edu

School of Social Work

Dr. Sang Lee


College of Professional & Global Education

School of Information

Dr. Michele Villagran

Assistant Professor

Department of Communication Studies

Headshot of Dr. Marie Haverfield

Dr. Marie Haverfield

Assistant Professor

College of Social Sciences

Department of Psychology 

Headshot of Dr. Erin Woodhead

Dr. Erin Woodhead

Associate Professor

Headshot of Dr. Valerie Carr

Dr. Valerie Carr

Associate Professor

Connie L. Lurie College of Education

Department of Communicative Disorders & Sciences

Dr. Nidhi Mahendra


Charles W. David College of Engineering

Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Headshot of Dr. Gaojian Huang

Dr. Gaojian Huang

Assistant Professor