The College of Professional and Global Education (CPGE) facilitates a wide breadth of partnership opportunities across the global community. Our college is responsible for coordinating international scholars and educational leaders visits as well as developing and processing a variety of agreements between SJSU and partner universities and agencies.

Currently, SJSU has over 100 agreements with partners from more than 30 countries. See the full list of our international academic partners. For information on becoming a student recruitment agent, visit our global partnership website.

SJSU international agreements are governed by the California State University (CSU) Chancellor’s Executive Order 1080 (pdf). Minimum requirements have been established for SJSU departments entering into agreements as a part of their international activity for state and self-support endeavors.

SJSU offers qualified partners with different categories of agreement:

Exchange Agreements: These agreements involve the bilateral exchange of students and/or faculty and must be approved by the CSU Chancellor’s Office, SJSU Contracts and Purchasing Services, and SJSU Academic Affairs prior to signature by the involved parties.

Recruiting Agreements: These are agreements between SJSU and recruiting agencies and involve the terms and commission assigned to the recruitment and matriculation of students to SJSU. These must be approved by CSU Chancellor’s Office and SJSU Contracts and Purchasing Services before signature by the parties. Learn more

Third-party Agreements: These are typically agreements with international vendors who provide services for faculty-led study abroad programs. They must be approved by the CSU Chancellor’s Office and Contracts and Purchasing Services before signature by the parties.

Articulation Agreements: These agreements involve transfer of credit or joint instruction of courses according to curriculum approved by SJSU and must be approved by the CSU Chancellor’s Office and SJSU Academic Affairs before signature by the parties.

Pathway Agreements: These agreements are typically between SJSU and international universities for the purpose of creating pathways for students to come to SJSU by first completing a section of the curriculum at their home university. It must be approved by the CSU Chancellor’s Office and SJSU Academic Affairs before signature by the parties.

Memorandum of Understanding: The SJSU Memorandum of Understanding is a non-binding document signed by both parties as a statement of partnership intent and a first step toward developing binding agreements Memorandum of Understanding Sample (pdf)

Processing of agreements can take from four to 16 weeks. Final drafts of all International Agreements must be submitted to our College, at least twelve weeks prior to the document execution date, for submission and approval by the Office of the CSU Chancellor. After that time, they will be presented for signature by CPGE to the international partner and finally to our SJSU campus president.

Contact us for assistance with International Agreements; to request a template for development or for further details about this process please email –