Article I - Name

  1. The name of this organization is Chicano/Latino Faculty and Staff Association of San José State University.

  2. The principle office of this organization is fixed and located at San José State University.

Article II – Mission Statement

The mission of the CLFSA is to advocate and support opportunities for Latino students, faculty and staff at San José State University. Its specific objectives are to insure that the university:

  1. Increases access, retention and graduation rates of Latino students.

  2. Recruits, retains, promotes and tenures greater numbers of Latino faculty and staff.

  3. Provides increased opportunities for faculty and staff to advance to administrative and policy-making positions.

  4. Reflects the Latino experience throughout the curriculum.

  5. Improves its linkages with and service to the Latino community.

Article III - Membership

  1. Membership is open to current and former San José State University faculty and staff personnel.

  2. Members are self-identified Latinos.

  3. The one member-one vote principle shall apply to full members.

  4. Academic year dues of thirty dollars is a prerequisite to membership.

Article IV – Officers

  1. The elected Officers shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, whose duties shall be those usually assigned to such officers.

  2. The Executive board consisting of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer will act on behalf of the Association in promoting the mission statement in Article II.