College of Science

Our college transforms science majors into professionals fully qualified for a global and regional work force. We provide core science education for engineers, health care professionals, K-12 teachers and other technical fields, as well as critical mathematics and science skills to students in non-science majors.

Our goal is to enable all students to achieve a well-rounded education by attaining the quantitative, critical thinking and scientific skills necessary for lifelong learning and informed decision-making on scientific issues. I am grateful to loyal supporters who have helped move us toward this goal with recent accomplishments. With your support, we have:

  • Developed a five-year strategic plan focusing on experiential and interdisciplinary learning; scientific discovery and research; diversity, equity and inclusion; and support for critical student transitions.
  • Achieved outstanding grant success in diverse areas with major support from the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, NASA and other organizations.

I invite you to invest in our college and its students so that we can achieve goals such as:

  • Provide hands-on and applied research opportunities that engage first-year students, resulting in increased retention and graduation rates and closure of the equity gap.
  • Address the issue of diversity and equity by providing all students with grants that fund their capstone and thesis projects.

Please give to the College of Science today.

Thank you,

Michael Kaufman
Dean, College of Science

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Director of Development