Guiding Principles

For nearly 20 years, the programs that make up our department have operated with a unique set of guiding principles. These "north stars" orient our diverse perspectives into the rich ethos that is SJSU Health Science and Recreation.

  • Systems thinking
  • The value and importance of difference
  • Intergenerational and global perspectives
  • Social justice
  • Professional ethics
  • Use of technology to solve problems and enhance possibilities
  • Inclusive and respectful language
  • Relevance and participation
  • Authentic and meaningful partnership
  • Individual and collaborative achievement
  • Our history, pride, and place in San José State University
  • Compassion and kindness
  • Stewardship
  • That which is not given away is lost

Each of these guiding principles has background and purpose in our work together. You will see, hear, and experience them often in our department!