Current Students

Public health students in front of SJSU Tommy's statue

SJSU Public Health and Recreation (PHR) students share an interest in health and wellbeing, a passion for meaningful life, and enthusiasm for what is possible.  Our students are widely recognized for being serious, spirited, and lots of fun.  Whether working on assignments, our many events, or community projects, SJSU PHR students make choices that matter.

Our department affirms the backgrounds and contributions of our diverse student body.  Everyone is welcome in our department.  Importantly, our department is committed to providing our students with meaningful, enriching opportunities for their professional and career development through student advising, mentorship, and engagement within our broader PHR community.  For example, we host student welcome events at the beginning of each semester, student leadership groups and coalition, and student mentoring program, as well as career exploration events, all designed to facilitate the success of our students both academically and professionally.

Through integrating our academic rigor with applied orientations, our competence-based programs are designed to ensure employability, professional development, and career readiness and advancement in the fields of public health and recreation.  Accordingly, hands-on experiential learning is integrated into our high-impact transformative curricula, including worksite internships, project-based learning, solution-oriented applied research, and community service-learning opportunities.

We are very proud that our alumni are among the leaders of public health and recreation workforce.  Our strong networks and connections with those alumni and community and professional organizations are vital foundations for our rigorous, workforce-relavant programs.

From the perspective of student-centeredness, we pay caring, compassionate attention to the best interests of our students. And, we are committed to building a community of learning within our department so that each and every student feels and experiences a sense of belonging and connection within our programs.