Concentration in Recreation Therapy

B.S. Recreation – Concentration in Recreation Therapy

The B.S. Recreation Degree Program offers a specialized concentration in Recreation Therapy. This concentration prepares students to work as a Recreation Therapist in medical and non-medical settings. Graduates of the program are prepared to become nationally and state certified through the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC) and the California Board of Recreation and Park Certification (CBRPC) exams. Recreation therapists provide treatment towards improved health of body, mind, and spirit in a variety of organizational settings including clinics, nonprofit and for-profit healthcare, nursing homes, pediatrics, forensics, and parks and recreation agencies.  Recreation Therapy curriculum is comprised of 38 units of core classes, 13 units of recreation therapy classes and 13 units of courses in support of the major. The curriculum culminates in a semester-long internship (14 weeks) under the supervision of a faculty member and mentorship of a Recreation Therapist.

For more information about recreation therapy contact:

Dr. Suzy Ross