Miranda Worthen, PhD

Name:   Miranda Worthen, PhD
Email:   miranda.worthen@sjsu.edu
Office:   SPX 211


Dr. Worthen's research examines the psychosocial experiences of vulnerable populations with high levels of trauma. She has ongoing projects with three distinct populations: 1) War-affected young mothers in Africa; 2) U.S. military service members and veterans; 3) American Indian and Alaska Natives living in the Bay Area. Her research with these groups takes the form of basic epidemiology of psychosocial factors, the development of context-appropriate mixed methodologies that emphasize academic rigor and community validity, and intervention research. Miranda lives in Berkeley with her family. When she isn't working, she enjoys eating fresh berries out of her garden and hiking in the East Bay hills. Dr. Worthen earned a PhD in Epidemiology from U.C. Berkley, her MPhil in International Development from Oxford University, and her BA from Harvard. Dr. Worthen grew up outside of Boston and has been living in the Bay Area since 2006. She teaches epidemiology and global health.