Blackboard Collaborate

Tuesday night classes are held using Blackboard Collaborate, an online classroom similar to a traditional classroom, minus the chairs and fluctuations in temperature. Collaborate provides the opportunity to hold interactive, synchronous classes with participants from around the world!

Some features of Collaborate include:

  • Customizable profiles for each student
  • Audio conferencing so you can talk and listen during class
  • Whiteboards for presentations and class work
  • Breakout rooms for small group work
  • Chat features to communicate with the instruction team or fellow students
  • Emoticons to display your feelings or support of other students, in the moment
  • Web-touring and application sharing
  • Video camera support (rarely used, but it is possible)

Accessing Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is accessed from inside the course Canvas home page.  Sign on to Canvas at and open the classroom link.  Open the "Blackboard Collaborate" tab on the left, and then open the link for the session.  At the "Blackboard Collaborate" screen, download and open the JAVA platform file (.jnlp).  Some browsers do this automatically; some require manual installations.  Wait for the Collaborate platform to open.