MPH Resources

MPH Online Student Handbook

This MPH Online Student Handbook is updated each year and available, online, to all MPH online format students. It contains the essential information for your MPH program of study, the online format, and the MPH program in general.

Canvas Online Student Town Square

All online MPH students are enrolled in the Canvas Online Student Town Square upon acceptance to the program and payment of fees. This Canvas room can serve as a mechanism to interact with faculty and other students to seek guidance or share information you have that would be useful for other students. It is also the place where all key program documents are housed and accessible to students throughout the program.

MPH Online Coordinator, and MPH Online Faculty

The primary contact for online MPH format advising is Dr. Monica Allen.  Individual course faculty can always be consulted on course-specific questions.

Academic Technology and Instructional Support Team

Robert Rinck, German Blanco, Cheryl Hergert and Joshua Phifer provide ongoing interaction with online students during individual courses, as well as throughout the year. They are the first voices you hear each Tuesday night as you do your sound check – a lot of important and informal coaching happens during that 30 minutes before class starts! Their expertise with the technology used in the program results in tip sheets, trainings, and other ways that make the format increasingly familiar and powerful for students. In addition, their broader MPH-online responsibilities (student support and program operations) allow them to make use of student feedback for program improvement, as well as help communicate program policies and support to students as needed. They are invaluable sources of information, expertise, and practical encouragement for distance faculty and students alike.

Cohort Representatives

Each online cohort elects student representatives who facilitate the flow of information between the faculty/administrative support and their peers. Cohort representatives meet with the Online MPH Coordinator each month, prior to the online administrative team meting, in order to bring student questions to the faculty, and relay program information back to the cohorts. Their messages will also alert you to key dates, upcoming activities, and other student-related needs.

August Campus Weeks

The week students spend on campus in August of each year provides opportunities for new and continuing students to further interact with each other and the faculty, while also allowing in-person access to University offices and resources.   During this week, in select courses and for specific activities, the cohorts interact with each other, allowing new students further opportunities to gain insight into the program from their peers.

Preceptors and Online Alumni

With 7 cohorts of 25 students each having completed the SJSU MPH program through the online format, there are now over 150 professionals with your degree and (their own version of) your experience with an online program. Many will be excited to meet and mentor the next generation – look to them for informal networking, encouragement, and practical advice for developing your career.  Upon graduating, all online MPH participants are enrolled in the main MPH Alumni Group, connecting with over 40 years of SJSU MPH Alumni! 

The MPH Online Student Cohort Google Group

While it’s not formal advising, this is the most important communication vehicle in the MPH program. You must check your email for Google group messages every day to not miss any important messages.