Student Council

“Student Council is a good way to participate in the life of the International House. You get a chance to have your say in discussion and you get involved in making important decisions.”

Nicolas Coates (Uruguay)


“Student Council is a good opportunity for residents to improve life at the I-House for the benefit of all.”

David Lorenzo (Spain)

Spring 2022 Student Council


Student Council Officers Spring 2022 Formal Dinner

Student Council is our student government, in which residents choose officers - President, CFO, Social Media Coordinator, Keeper of Traditions, Event Advisor, and Physical Activities Coordinator and organize committees to plan activities. Our student government is run very informally, and all residents are welcome to participate.

Student Council committees plan trips, contribute to purchasing some of the fun equipment available such as pool and ping pong tables, the 65-inch television in the first floor TV room, and sports equipment.

Through Student Council, residents design and produce an I-House t-shirt for the semester, take Roommate photos, and organize our end-of-semester Baby Photos contest. Remember to bring a baby photo with you when you move to I-House!

Another fun activity planned by Student Council members is our weekly coffee night held every Tuesday evening from 8:30–10:30 p.m. in the Dining Room. These coffee nights have been held every Tuesday since around 1991 and are attended by residents, alumni, and friends. A purely social event, coffee nights are a great time to enjoy chatting, relaxing, and enjoying the company of dozens of other people. Coffee nights also offer a comfortable place to practice speaking English.