School of Information Systems and Technology

School of Information Systems and Technology

The School of Information Systems and Technology (SISTech) prepares students to excel professionally and contribute meaningfully to the knowledge/information economy of the 21st century. It is home to the Management Information Systems (MIS) Concentration that combines business and technology–exactly what Silicon Valley is all about. That's why our graduates regularly score some of the highest starting salaries among all graduates from the college and get jobs at great places like Google, Cisco, HP, Apple, and eBay.

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Venn diagram showing that MIS is where tech and business overlaps.

This is MIS. A great career. Totally dynamic. Totally flexible. Totally cool.

Organizations depend on information to create value. MIS professionals bring technology and business together to deliver information solutions that help organizations meet their goals. And the career options in MIS are vast – some are on the technical side, like database or network administrators, others are more people-oriented, like systems analysts or project managers. Our MIS concentration will help you chart your own path based on your interests and personal strengths and build a career you're passionate about!

About Us

SISTech, one of six departments/schools in the College of Business, is home to over 550 students and 21 faculty focused on a single program–the MIS Concentration.


MIS students take the same core business courses as other business students so they get a foundation in Marketing, Accounting, Finance, etc. But the MIS concentration adds to that business foundation with fundamentals in tech subjects like Networking, Database, and Python programming.

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