Prospective Students

The MIS Honors Practicum is a special 2-semester version of the MIS Practicum (BUS119A).The honors class consists of BUS119H (counts as the BUS119A required course) plus uses one elective (BUS118H ). The purpose of this opportunity is to provide you with real world experience working as a team on a significant MIS project and learning about all the issues associated its successful completion. You get to work with in a team where everyone is smart and motivated. The class is small. You will get personal attention and coaching. See what past Honors students have said.

If you are accepted into and successfully complete the program you will be among the elite students who will receive an Honors Program Certificate of Completion. If you meet the GPA requirements, your diploma and transcript will indicate that you have earned departmental honors in MIS. Departmental honors will be awarded to students successfully completing both semesters and maintaining an SJSU GPA of 3.0and a major GPA of 3.5. As a bonus you will be able to add great experiences and achievements to your resume.

The MIS honors program is two semesters, beginning in the Fall. Applications are accepted in the spring for the following year.

Application Deadline

The application deadline for Fall 2022/Spring 2023 is Sunday May 1, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. PST.  You can access the application link on the main program page here.  The application will be live on the website starting March 10, 2022.

The next application window after this will be in Spring 2023 for the following academic year 2023-2024. NOTE: MIS Honors starts only in the fall! It's a 2-semester program.

About the Practicum

As a practicum, BUS119H/118H provides the opportunity to learn skills directly related to being successful in the workplace:

  • Apply learned technical skills to a business need
  • Use industry-standard project management tools and methods
  • Experience high performance teamwork
  • Develop team leadership skills
  • Improve business communication skills
  • Gain an appreciation for flexibility and adaptability

During the project you will:

  • Learn useful skills that matter to employers (both technical and "soft" like leadership, flexibility, etc.)
  • Participate professionally as a team member to plan, design, implement, and deliver a real-world application project that is accepted by the sponsor
  • Identify issues associated with the development and management of MIS projects and formulate appropriate strategies for handling them
  • Create and use project management plans and updates in accordance with industry standards
  • Have special networking opportunities with potential employers, alumni, other honors students and faculty

Program Expectations

Students selected for the Honors Program are provided to companies/organizations in teams of at least 3 or more and are expected to work approximately 8-10 hours each per week on the project. The projects are two semesters long providing sufficient time to successfully complete complex real projects. The class meets on Mondays 6-8:45pm.

Applying to the Program

This is a two-semester class - please do not apply unless you are able and willing to complete both semesters and have completed all requirements ready to start in the Fall semester. You may apply to the Honors program at the end of your Junior year (note the deadlines). Be sure you understand and meet all of the requirements of the program. It is a competitive process. If you are unsure if you are qualified, or just want to talk about the program, contact the instructor.

Program Requirements:

  • Minimum SJSU GPA of 3.0 overall and a 3.25 in all upper division business classes you have taken (100w and business ethics count as upper division business)
  • Must be in your second semester of course work at SJSU
  • Completion of the following prerequisites: 110a, 110b and 100w before the practicum begins, and you must have completed 112 or take it during the fall semester

Want to Join a Select Few?

If you wish to be considered for the MIS Honors Practicum, please complete the online application form by the application deadline. In the application form, you will include an unofficial SJSU transcript, your resume and an essay on the assigned question. Please only submit your application once. You may return to edit your application once you submit it (keep the link), but it will be less confusing if you assemble all your materials and complete the entire process at one time.

You can access the application form on the Business Honors Program prospective student page.

To apply you must include the following with your application:

  • Essay of no more than 500 words on the topic: In what SJSU course did you receive your best grade, and in what course did you receive your worst grade? Please explain the reason for both.
  • A copy of your transcript (unofficial)
  • Resume

Then, based on your application, and in consultation with other MIS professors, students will be selected for an interview and ultimately offered a position in the class.