MIS professionals draw on their knowledge of both business and technology, getting people the information they need to do their jobs better/faster/smarter. Information is the lifeblood of all organizations, now more than ever and they need someone who understands both business (programmers/computer scientists don't) and technology (other kinds of managers don't). As the managers of information and technology within the organization, MIS professionals bring technology and business together to deliver information solutions that help organizations meet their goals. The MIS concentration prepares students to excel professionally and contribute meaningfully to the knowledge/information economy of the 21st century.

MIS students take the same core business courses as other business students so they get a foundation in Marketing, Accounting, Finance, etc. But the MIS concentration adds to that business foundation with fundamentals in tech subjects like Networking, Database, Web Development, and a hand-ons on project for a real sponsor in the community. See the MIS Concentration Overview to learn more about the MIS Concentration and how it delivers the winning combination for Silicon Valley and beyond.