Chair's Corner

2021 Community Message

Welcome to our Spring Communicator. The last year has been, well, interesting. Last Spring we hoped that life would be back to normal in the Fall. Last Winter we hoped 2021 would usher in a very different year. We are midway through 2021, and we are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel, but there is still much about the Fall 2021 academic year that is uncertain. We are hoping that life will slowly return to normal, but there is no question that many folks have adjusted to spending more time at home, connecting through Zoom meetings with students, colleagues, and friends. What will San José State University look like in the fall? If the last few weeks are any indication, it will mean more students, faculty, and staff back on campus. We will be doing everything that we can to maintain safety for our campus community, while hopefully having more face-to-face interaction.

This past year has been exhausting for our students and faculty. After a Fall where everyone powered up for a semester of online learning, by Spring many were Zoomed out. Many of us realized that we gain a lot of energy and joy from being in the classroom and hallways with our students, and life in the
boxes and screens of our computers was just not sustaining us. I think we are all hoping to be seeing more of one another in the Fall!

One of my favorite times of year is graduation, and for the last year, we have not been able to celebrate as we usually do. We did want to honor our students through a virtual ceremony, and we were thrilled to have over 160 students, faculty, staff, family, and friends join us for an online celebration of our graduates of Fall 2020, Spring 2021, and Summer 2021. We had some wonderful speakers, including Petyon Trebisky, our American Kinesiology Association (AKA) Student Scholar, Dr. Shirley Reekie, former chair and current faculty, and a special message from Mr. Yoshida Uchida, distinguished SJSU alum, faculty, internationally renowned judo coach and entrepreneur and who celebrated his 101st birthday this year. I want to give very special thanks to Dr. Cole Armstrong and Ms. Victoria Wilson for
the tremendous work that they put into organizing the event. I also want to note that Ms. Wilson, who finished her first year with us as staff, was among our graduates!

Thanks to all our students, faculty, and staff who make the Department of Kinesiology a vibrant place, where we continue to work to keep us all moving. Your continued generosity helps us to support the academic mission of the department and support our students. I wish you all a restful summer.


Dr. Tamar Semerjian

2020 Community Message

Dear Kinesiology Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community,

Tamar Semerjian

During this time of uncertainty, we in the Department of Kinesiology are working diligently to maintain a sense of normalcy. While COVID-19 has caused many disturbances, our staff and faculty continue daily operations and are ready to succeed throughout the remaining weeks of the semester in a strictly online manner.  In response to the changing nature of this situation, the University has created an health advisories page detailing decisions affecting the campus community including class delivery, building access, and other pressing topics. 

During this time, we ask the same of all within our KIN community, to be flexible and willing to work together to accomplish our collective and individual goals.   

Students, please work with your faculty advisors as you typically would, make sure to consistently check your SJSU email and class Canvas pages, and to regularly visit both the SJSU and SJSU KIN websites and the department twitter page ( @KinSJSU ). 

Please heed the County and National recommendations, practice social distancing, and make sure to consider your physical and mental health. 

Continue to be kind and caring, and we look forward to re-opening our doors at the appropriate time. 

In good health, 

Tamar Z. Semerjian
Department of Kinesiology  

2019 Community Message

Dear Kinesiology Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community,

Tamar SemerjianAs has been previously announced, I have been asked to fill the role of interim chair for the Department of Kinesiology. Dr. Matthew Masucci has been asked to serve as the interim Associate Dean for the College of Health and Human Sciences. His outstanding leadership of  our department has been recognized, and this is a wonderful opportunity for him to lead our College. We have benefited tremendously from his leadership and will miss him, however, I think we also understand his desire to serve the college at this time.

These shifts in responsibilities have resulted in Dr. Jessica Chin filling in as interim undergraduate coordinator. She will continue to serve as the Advising Manager. Dr. Chin has a great deal of knowledge and experience in our undergraduate program and I know that she will bring her strengths to this position. As a result she will step away from her position as associate chair. To limit further disruptions we will not fill the associate chair position this semester.

While we do not have someone formally filling in as associate chair, several individuals have stepped forward to offer their help and support to cover these duties. I greatly appreciate the students, faculty, and staff who have come by to say that they will help in any capacity that they can. This is who we are as the Department of Kinesiology; supporting each other to create an environment where everyone can thrive.

I am greatly appreciative of all of our students, faculty and staff. I am committed to working hard and helping our department to continue to flourish. Ultimately we are here to educate and prepare our students, and I am dedicated to help us all do that the best that we can.

Dr. Tamar Semerjian

2018 Community Message

Dr. M. Masucci

We have been busy as a department, and as you will see in the pages of our most recent Communicator newsletter, there is much to be proud of. In addition to the successes of our students, faculty (current and retired) and alumni, we have been managing a steady growth in enrollment in all of our program areas and are currently the 3rd largest major on campus. Of course, the growth in enrollment must be balanced with advancing the mission of the department to “create and disseminate knowledge; engage in community service; prepare and graduate exemplary kinesiology professionals; as well as meet individual and societal needs for physical activity, sport, movement, and wellness.”

Along with our more seasoned members, we are fortunate to have added several dynamic new faculty to our ranks. You can read their bios, but suffice it to say, they are already helping to transform the department with their energy and enthusiasm as we prepare our students for their future careers. As always, we put the success of our students at the forefront of what we do. Whether fostering student engagement in research, connecting theory and practice in the community through our internship programs, or by providing a relevant and forward-thinking curriculum, many of our students, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, go on to become leaders in their respective fields and ambassadors for the value of kinesiology.

When you have a moment, I’d like to direct your attention to the new and improved department website: Under the capable leadership of long-time lecturer and former KIN graduate student, Daniel Murphy, the newly organized and expanded website provides a great resource for prospective, current and former KIN students, faculty and staff. I’d like to highlight in particular a newly added section on the history of the department. Drawing from former department chair Shirley Reekie’s 2012 book, Bean Bags to Bod Pods: A History of 150 years of San José State University’s Department of Kinesiology, this site provides an overview of the storied history of one of the oldest departments of physical education in the country to present day. As part of the ongoing commitment to preserving our history, I would encourage you to forward electronic copies of photographs and/or scans of documents and archival materials to me at so we can continue to expand this virtual space.

Last but not least, your continued generosity helps us to support the academic mission of the department. We have identified several areas of need including funds for student scholarships, equipment for research and the physical activity program, funds to bring renowned speakers to campus and resources to support faculty and student research in sport and physical activity. More details may be found on the Give page

As you will see by reading though the Communicator, website, and social media channels, our alumni, students, faculty and staff are accomplishing amazing things within the SJSU campus community and beyond. I am exceptionally proud to be serving as chair during this exciting time in the department’s history and welcome your suggestions for how we can continue to improve.

Matt Masucci