Legacy Poems

SJSU has a rich legacy of poetry dating back to the 19th century. Students, alums, faculty and poet friends of the campus built the legacy and help to continue it today. Below are our Legacy Poems, readings from SJSU Faculty and Staff. 

April 13, 2020 Readers

Persis Karim

Professor at SFSU, former professor at SJSU, reading Al Young's Ways and Ways to San Jose, written for SJSU's 150th Anniversary and the first celebration of SJSU Legacy of Poetry, and a recent poem Persis wrote called Devote Yourself.

Jennifer Redd

Director of eCampus, reading Edith Daley's Tribute to Dr. Bland.

Judith Lessow-Hurley

Faculty emeritus College of Education, reading Pablo Nerudo's poem Keeping Quiet in English and then in Spanish.

Annette Nellen

Professor in the College of Business, reading Dr. Bland's Sierran Pan and two short poems about poppies, one by Markham and one by Bland.

April 15, 2020 Readers

Noelle Brada-Williams

Chair of the Dept. of English and Comparative Literature, reading Freeway 280 by alum Lorna Cervantes.

Carli Lowe

University archivist, reading a poem from 1960s alum Patricia Whiting.

Deanna Fasset

Director of the Center for Faculty Development, reading former faculty member Adrienne Rich's poem Power.

Cate Lycurgus

Poet and Lecturer in the College of Business, reading two of her own poems.

Carl Kemnitz

Sr. Vice Provost, reading Outwitted by 1872 alum Edwin Markham.

Ravisha Mathur

Chair of the Academic Senate, reading a poem tribute to Dr. Bland by former student of his Harry Hecker (likely from the late 1920s).

Annette Nellen

Professor in the College of Business, reading a student poem published in The Quill in 1925 and Preparedness by Markham.