The MS degree requires 30-semester units consisting of 6 core, 2 elective and 2 culmulating experience courses. Each course is 3-semester units. Refer to ADS catalog for course descriptions.

Core Courses (6 courses, 18 units)

For students admitted to the program in Fall 2019 and Spring 2020
DATA 220  Mathematical Methods for Data Analytics
DATA 225  Database Systems for Analytics (or BUS 243
 Database Management)
DATA 230  Data Visualization (or INFO 215 Information Visualization)
DATA 240  Data Mining and Analytics (or BUS 243/CMPE 255 Data Mining)
DATA 245  Machine Learning Technologies (or CMPE 257 Machine Learning)
DATA 294  Data Analytics Seminar

For students admitted to the program in Fall 2020
DATA 220 Mathematical Methods for Data Analytics
DATA 225 Database Systems for Analytics 
DATA 230 Data Visualization
DATA 240 Data Mining and Analytics
DATA 245 Machine Learning Technologies
DATA 294 Data Analytics Seminar

Elective Courses (2 courses, 6 units)
Six units 200-level courses preapproved by the graduate advisor. Currently, pre-approved courses are:
DATA 228 Big Data Technologies and Applications
DATA 250 Large Scale Data Analytics
DATA 255 Deep Learning Technologies

Culminating Experience Courses (2 courses, 6 units)
Complete Plan A or Plan B.

Plan A (Thesis)
DATA 299A MSDA Thesis I
DATA 299B MSDA Thesis II 

Plan B (Project)
DATA 298A MSDA Project I
DATA 298B MSDA Project II

Optional Course (1 course, 1 unit)
DATA 297 Data Analytics Internship
Not required toward the degree; repeatable for Curricular Practical Training