Department Policies

1. Policy on Admission Conditions 
Pursuant to S16-16, “Conditional acceptance to a program is, in effect, acceptance under probation in the major. Typically, a specified set of courses or requirements must be passed prior to attaining good standing in the program. There may be time limits or unit limits established to satisfy the conditions, which, if not met, may lead to disqualification from the major degree program without an intervening term on explicit probation.

Therefore, all conditionally admitted MS in Data Analytics students are on administrative academic probation until meeting the requirements described in their conditional admission offer. Students who either pass the waiver test(s) or the remedial course(s) (CR/NC only) by the end of the first semester that they are admitted into the MS in Data Analytics program will become fully classified. The waiver test(s) is/are offered before the second week of each semester, and they can be taken only once by each student. 

Students who do not pass the waiver test(s) are required to enroll in the remedial course(s) for the upcoming semester. Furthermore, students who do not pass the remedial course(s) on their first attempt, will be notified in writing that they are required to repeat the course(s) the following semester and that failure to pass the course(s) after a second attempt may lead to academic administrative disqualification. 

Conditionally admitted students will have one academic year (i.e., the first fall and spring semesters following program admission) to clear these requirements unless there are documented extenuating circumstances, or the student has received a verified extension by the Department Chair. While conditionally classified, students are only allowed to enroll in the remedial course(s) and those courses pre-approved by Graduate Advisor.

2. Policy on Regular Session and Special Session

  • A student admitted to Regular Session can't change to Special Session and a student admitted to Special Session can't change to Regular Session.
  • A Regular Session student can only enroll in Regular Session class sections. A Special Session student can only enroll in Special Session class sections. Upon receiving a documented approval from the Department Chair or designee, a Regular Session student can take DATA 297 and 1290R offered through Special Session.