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This Week

Improving cardiac diagnostics with quantum technology and AI
Dr. Geoffrey Iwata
Sandbox AQ
Wednesday, 9/27/2023, 1:30-2:30pm Pacific

Headshot of Geoff Iwata.Abstract: Decades of research have shown that magnetocardiography (MCG) has the potential to improve cardiac care decisions. However, sensor and system limitations have prevented its widespread adoption. In this seminar, we'll discuss how SandboxAQ leverages quantum sensors and machine learning to develop practical MCG devices for use in clinical settings. Our approach to med-tech is one of several high-impact projects at SandboxAQ, where quantum physics and AI find synergy to create novel solutions to global challenges.

Bio: Geoff Iwata is a physicist and data scientist at SandboxAQ specializing in cardiac magnetometry. Previously, he has worked in both industry and academia, exploring magnetometry applications spanning brains to batteries, while also researching new sensor technologies and sensing protocols to enable magnetic field measurements in challenging environments. He received his PhD in physics from Columbia University.

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