Welcome to the home page of the Radlauer laboratory at San Jose State University in the Department of Chemistry. The Radlauer Research Group works at the interface of organometallic catalysis and polymer chemistry, combining small molecules with organic polymers to mediate challenging reactions.

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Lab Info

Rooms: DH 014 (shared with the Simocko group) and DH 516A
Phone: (408) 924-5482



Interested in doing research?

There are more than 10 research-active faculty members in the SJSU Chemistry Department! Students interested in research should check out more information on the Chemistry Department website.

There is a Seminar Series during the semester that hosts internal and external speakers to speak about their chemistry and biochemistry research.

For a one-on-one meeting, contact Prof. Radlauer by email (madalyn.radlauer@sjsu.edu) or attend her office hours (posted on her office door, Duncan Hall 517). The Radlauer Research Group accepts both undergraduate and master’s students from the College of Science, the College of Engineering, and the College of Applied Sciences and Arts. Chemistry students will get the highest priority if there are more interested students than space in the group.