Research and Innovation Leadership

Dr. Mohamed Abousalem.

Dr. Mohamed Abousalem

Vice President for Research and Innovation

Phone: 408-924-3318

Dr. Richard Mocarski.

Dr. Richard Mocarski

Associate Vice President for Research

Office of Research

Phone: 408-924-2488

Dr. Jessica Trask.

Dr. Jessica Trask

Senior Director of Research Services

Office of Research

Phone: 408-924-2460

Emily Chan.

Emily Chan

Director of Research Engagement

Office of Research

Phone: 408-924-2431

Abby Queale.

Abby Queale

Director of Innovation

Office of Innovation

Phone: 408-924-3811

San José State University Research Foundation Representatives

Andrew Exner.

Andrew Exner

Executive Director

Phone: 408-924-1434

Deborah Maloney.

Deborah Maloney

Director of Sponsored Programs

Phone: 408-924-1421