Goal 3: Grow and Thrive

Be an inclusive, welcoming and well-balanced community and institution that ensures long-term financial sustainability and effectiveness and also attracts, retains and sustains faculty and staff members and students.

Faculty Awards

Desired Outcomes

Desired Outcome 1: Ensure that all stakeholders (students, faculty and staff members, alumni and community) are able to live and thrive in the region by expanding options of and accessibility to transportation and housing.

Desired Outcome 2: Allocate resources linked to strategic priorities and fiscal needs to safeguard long-term financial stability and ensure support for achieving our collective aspirations.

Desired Outcome 3: Foster an inclusive environment and infrastructure where diverse populations can flourish.

Desired Outcome 4: Maintain a safe and healthy university community.

Desired Outcome 5: Offer professional development that allows staff and faculty members to develop and pursue career growth, while fostering leadership skills across the university.

Desired Outcome 6: Provide opportunities for all stakeholders to engage actively in campus conversations on issues of importance.