Goal 5: Rebuild and Renew

Be a flourishing, modern campus with state-of-the-art infrastructure, campus spaces and technology to support learning, research and community.

SJSU Student Union

Desired Outcomes

  • Launch and complete a comprehensive fundraising campaign generating resources that support institutional priorities, such as campus development, while also stewarding future philanthropic opportunities.
  • Position SJSU as a leader in environmental sustainability.
  • Create an information technology (IT) governance structure that cultivates efficiencies, addresses accessible workflow and defines processes.
  • Lead a comprehensive digital transformation on campus by advancing IT initiatives to enhance user experience, engagement and responsiveness.
  • Strive to make SJSU the safest digital and physical campus.
  • Interdisciplinary Science BuildingBuild inspiring, modern facilities such as the Interdisciplinary Science Building that will set the groundwork for a Science Park, where modern teaching, research and laboratory spaces facilitate interdisciplinary projects, connecting faculty members and students across studies, and fostering industry partnerships and solutions.