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What You Say Matters!


Office of IR conducts the official student evaluations of teaching at SJSU. To encourage wide participation and open feedback, students' identities are kept confidential and answers are only reported to faculty in summary form. It is a chance to share with your instructors what worked and what did not.  Part of being a student is sharing your opinions. It only takes a few minutes.

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Your opinion counts!

SJSU values students’ opinions about their experiences in the classes they take. SOTE is an offical teaching evaluation tool of San Jose State University.

Why submit an evaluation?

SJSU faculty value what students think.  Your evaluation could help improve future classes.  Hiring and promotion decisions may be affected by SOTE. So be honest, and be fair.

Spring 2021 SOTE / SOLATE Schedule

Event OnNov23

Opens to students

Event OnDec6

Closes for students

Event OnJan15

Reports released

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