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Attorneys and other staff from the United States Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Civil Rights Division, Educational Opportunities Section, began working with SJSU’s then-Title IX and Gender Equity Office in September 2021 to implement the 2021 Resolution Agreement between the DOJ and SJSU. As part of the Resolution Agreement, the DOJ is to monitor the university’s compliance with its terms for four years, or through AY 2024-25. After the third year of the monitoring period, the university combined its Title IX and DHR programs into the Office for Equal Opportunity. Moving forward, the Office for Title IX and Equal Opportunity will work closely with the DOJ to ensure the terms of the Resolution Agreement are adhered to.

As part of the monitoring of our Title IX program, DOJ staff members visited campus in October 2022, July 2023, and October 2023, and held meetings with a wide variety of members of our community. SJSU, through the then- Title IX and Gender Equity Office, and now through the Office for Title IX and Equal Opportunity, submits regular reports and data to the DOJ, and has significantly improved how it serves our campus.

The Resolution Agreement and the university’s communications to the campus community about our progress are on this page. We welcome your thoughts.

SJSU's Response to DOJ Title IX Compliance Review of Athletics Department

The following information was posted September 21, 2021.

Information on the DOJ Resolution Agreement

FAQs - Department of Justice (DOJ) Title IX Compliance Review of Athletics Department

Department of Justice documents

Letter of Findings [pdf]
Resolution Agreement [pdf]
Summary of Resolution Agreement [pdf]

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