Pregnancy and Parenting Support

Title IX protects students and employees from discrimination based on pregnancy and pregnancy-related conditions. The university will provide reasonable accomodations for pregnant and lactating students and employees.

Academic Supportive Measures

Students who are pregnant or have recently given birth may request academic supportive measures from the Office for Title IX and Equal Opportunity. When a request for academic measures is submitted by a student, our team will work closely with the Accesible Education Center (AEC) to ensure the provision of reasonable and appropriate academic measures.

Academic measures may include, but are not limited to: making up assignments that were missed due to a pregnancy-related reason, allowances for the pregnant student's health and safety (e.g. maintaining a safe distance from hazardous substances), excused absences for medically necessary reasons, withdrawal from an educational program, and/or a leave of absence. Students who are not the birth-parent can also take a leave of absence. 

For more information regarding academic supportive measures for pregnant and parenting students, please refer to California Assembly Bill 809.

Lactation Accommodations

Adequate break time for breastfeeding or lactating employees should accommodate the time to walk to and from the lactation station as well as retrieve, set up, wash, and clean a pump or other breastfeeding supplies, as well as expressing or storing milk. Requests should be made to managers for adequate break time.

While students should breastfeed or pump between classes if possible, reasonable academic supportive measures will be provided to ensure that students do not incur an academic penalty due to expressing milk or breastfeeding. Requests for reasonable academic supportive measures can be made directly to faculty members. If you prefer, you may also make the request through the Office for Title IX and Equal Opportunity.

SJSU is committed to supporting faculty, staff, and students who need to either breastfeed or express milk for their child on campus during hours of operation, by providing lactation stations, adequate break time for employees to breastfeed or express milk, and information to students & employees regarding their rights and the locations of lactation rooms.

Designated Lactation Rooms

Student Health Center

Wellness Center, 1st Floor

Gender Equity Center

Student Union, Room 1650

If the designated lactation rooms will not work for you, you may work with the Office for Title IX and Equal Opportunity and/or the Employment Accommodations Resource Center to find another location on campus that meets the minimum requirements and is a reasonable lactation room.

For more information regarding access to adequate lactation rooms, please refer to California Senate Bill No. 142.